The Kombats are cross-over boards designed as one-board-solutions for wave rides, trick styles and fast rides. With six models ranging from 79 to 122 litres, the Kombats cover the widest spectrum of wind range for crossover sailors of all shapes and sizes. Evolved over four generations of refinements they've come to offer a blend that has won many acclaims and excelled in many magazine tests worldwide - particularly as maneuverability and waveriding orientated crossover boards. The new 2008 Kombats have been totally remastered to preserve their maneuverability and improve on early-planing, top-end speed and freestyle performance with a sharper and more aggressive riding sensation.

What's new?

Early planing and speed: new rockerlines with less curvature in the front half of the board and new outlines that are wider in the tail section make for earlier planing, greater control and a faster ride.

Reduced thickness: the Kombat 96, 105, 114 and 122 are thinner, improving the boards' responsiveness and highwind control with a new razor-sharp riding sensation.

Freestyle: the new rockerlines with less curvature in the nose improve the Kombats' ability to spin off the front half of the board and slide backwards without losing as much speed.

More aggressive: the new rail shapes on all Kombats are derived from the Pure Acids with a sharper edge and greater release - early planing and speed is improved with a sharper bite in the jibes.

The unique spiraling vee bottom shape introduced last year continues for 2008. This spiraling vee concept is the secret behind the Kombat's powerful maneuverability as the forward vee engages the rail to drive the board into the turn - like a car's front steering wheels. Reduced vee under your feet gives a high free ride and extra vee-kick in the very tail then brings an extra edge of control and fluidity to cut-backs and back-foot driven jibes.

The Kombat 114 and 122 also have new tail cutaways that sharpen the fin drive sensation. These two models stand out in particular with their quantum leap improvement in performance - speed, early planing and overall fun factor - the difference here is really quite significant. Paul Simmons from Tushingham UK distributors came to Thailand for a preview test: "The new Kombat 122 and 114 are fast and exciting in a straight line yet press the rail and the boards turn with supreme ease: loose enough to really rip in the waves! They're phenomenal crossover boards that truly do everything really well, with very little compromise!"

  • One-board crossover solutions for waveriding, freestyling and freeriding
  • Faster, sharper and earlier-planing shapes for 2008
  • Unique Spiraling Vee bottom design
  • Heel bumpers are standard across all models
The most suitable sail types are sideshore, onshore wave sails, freestyle sails and no-cam freeride sails.

Compared to the Pure Acids and Evos, the Kombats are not purely dedicated to wave sailing since they are also designed for freeride blasting and freestyling too. The Kombats are therefore more suitable for the advanced sailor who not only wave-rides, but also enjoys high-speed rides and freestyling in fl at or choppy water conditions. The Acid and Evo boards are more suitable for the sailor looking for a dedicated wave board.

Compared to the Flares, the Kombats are also adapted to waveriding. They offer a more classic crossover feel, blending the ability to wave-ride, to blast at high speed, to jibe aggressively and to freestyle. The Kombat's convertible features like the inboard/outboard insert positions allow for a more optimum freeride tuning. The Flares are pure-freestyle orientated.
Compared to the Futuras, the Kombats are more adapted to waveriding and freestyling. In freeride settings, the Kombats have a much more dynamic freeriding feel that begs you to jump off every ramp and ride more aggressively. The Futuras are faster and more comfortable boards built lighter and made for freeriding only without compromise towards wave-riding.

Model Volume



Sail range

Drake Fin Fin range
Fin box
Kode 68 68 228 53.5 32.2 5.20 5.90 6.50 3.0-5.0 Drake Natural
Wave 210
19-23 US 8"
Kode 74 74 234 54.0 33.5 5.45 6.15 6.85 3.3-5.3 Drake Natural
Wave 220
20-24 US 8"
Kode 80 80 234 56.0 34.1 5.60 6.30 7.00 3.5-5.5 Drake Natural
Wave 230
21-25 US 8"
Kode 86 86 237 58.5 38.5 5.75 6.15 6.75 4.0-6.0 Drake Natural
Wave 250
14-26 US 8"
Kode 94 94 237 62.0 40.2 5.70 6.45 7.05 4.5-6.5 Drake Cross
Over 280
14-33 US 8"
Kode 102 102 237 65.0 42.6 5.90 6.65 7.25 5.0-7.5 Drake Cross
Over 300
14-34 US 8"
Kode 112 112 237 68.0 44.3 6.30 6.85 7.40 5.2-8.5 Drake Freeslalom
Swift 360
26-40 Tuttle
Kode 122 122 236 72.0 46.5 6.45 7.00 7.50 5.5-9.0 Drake Freeslalom
Swift 380
28-42 Tuttle
WoodCarbon , Wood and Technora weights +-5%. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

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