S-Type chassis, Carve suspension, iSonic engine - it's the freeride of the future

After 9 years of leading freeride development, we bid farewell to the legendary Carve series. The S-Type range - a 4 year old development that has dominated the PWA Supercross in its final year - also comes to an end, to be replaced with a brand new generation of all new, all slim, all freeride boards engineered from the ground up with iSonic genes. It's the freeride of the future - the new Futuras.

Combining the best of two freeride ranges in a package that offers it all - control, comfort, wind range, early planing and maximum top speed - was never going to be an easy task. With the experience gained from the development of the iSonics and the new concept of thinner shapes, the Futuras bring you just that.

Wind range: 15% slimmer shapes combined with wider widths and low-nose rockerlines boost the Futuras' wind range at both ends: they plane up earlier and effortlessly in lightwinds and offer more control and comfort in highwinds.

Pure speed: the Futuras were benchmarked to beat the S-Types in speed. With concepts brought over from the development of the iSonics, the Futuras are faster with a sweet spot that covers a wider wind range.

Comfort: wider and thinner inherently means a more stable shape, before planing and when moving into the footstraps. The bottom line: it's just easier and more comfortable to get going.

Ride, handling and control: with its lowered centre of gravity, the Futura rider experiences a razor-sharp riding sensation with impeccable control. It's like switching from a truck-driving experience to that of a sports car.

Maneuverability: the team tested side by side two identical Futura 122 prototypes with identical rail shapes, identical bottom shapes and with only the thickness and the width changing: the wider and thinner Futuras respond quicker, faster and with more ease.

Upwind: Increased width makes the Futuras plane upwind with ease, which means more time spent riding free than trying to get back upwind to where you started from.
  • Thinner wider shapes with iSonic genetics
  • S-Type speed, Carve comfort, iSonic range: impossible engineering made possible
  • A quiver of two fins is highly recommended to bring out the best of the board
Compared to the GO boards, the Futuras share the same shapes but are built in a lighter, stiffer and more precise sandwich technology. The footstrap tuning options are different in the 144 and 155 models where the GO will provide options for the beginner too. The GO boards offer more value and superior toughness with their Tufskin construction
technology, more comfort with their full EVA decks and more convenience with their carry handles. The GO also comes available in 166 and 177 litre sizes.

Compared to the Kombat range, the Futuras are pure freeride designs. They are designed to offer more speed with more comfort and power. They plane up more easily and provide better upwind performance. The Kombats are crossover boards that are more maneuverable with a capacity to ride waves and freestyle.

Compared to the iSonics, the Futuras offer more comfort and easier, smoother jibing performance. They are less technical to sail and offer a wider range of footstrap tuning options that will cater for intermediate sailors. The iSonics are pure slalom boards designed with maximum speed in mind. With footstrap inserts out on the rail and wide tails,they are relatively more technical and powerful to ride, making them more demanding of the rider.

Model Volume
Tail Width
Wood (kg.)

Technora (kg.)

Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin box
Futura 93 93 237.5 61.5 40.5 6.25 6.55 4.0-7.0 Drake Freeslalom Swift 340 26-38 Tuttle
Futura 101 101 239.5 65.0 42.7 6.75 7.05 4.5-7.5 Drake Freeslalom Swift 340 28-40 Tuttle
Futura 111 111 240.0 68.0 43.1 6.85 7.15 5.0-8.0 Drake Freeslalom Swift 380 30-42 Tuttle
Futura 122 122 244.0 72.0 47.3 7.05 7.35 5.5-9.0 Drake Freeslalom Swift 400 32-44 Tuttle
Futura 133 133 247.5 77.0 49.2 7.70 8.00 6.0-9.5 Drake R13 Race SL 480 40-50 Tuttle
Futura 144 144 246.0 79.0 50.0 8.10 8.60 6.5-10.0 Drake R13 Race SL 480 42-52 Tuttle
Futura 155 155 249.0 85.0 59.5 8.60 9.10 7.0-10.5 Drake R13 Race NR 520 48-58 Deep Tuttle
Technora and Wood weights +-5% Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

Starboard windsurfing equipment's technology has proven to win more championships than ever. The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter the wind and waves any place any time.